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29 May

How a Charleville policewoman is using bush poetry to help save lives on the road

Bush poetry and policing might not appear to have much in common but Senior Constable Juliet McGrath says putting the two together is proving an effective way to get the message out about road safety in outback Queensland.   Senior Constable McGrath enjoyed writing poetry as a teenager but says after high school she rarely put pen to paper. That changed last year after the Charleville policewoman saw two bush poets perform in Winton and found herself inspired. "I just love the old bush yarns and the feeling of being able to sit back and listen to such wonderful rhyme and storytelling," she said. "Poetry is about storytelling and you can put so much feeling and emotion into it." Since then whenever Senior Constable McGrath has an idea for a poem she jots it down as quickly as possible. "I scribble things down on little random pieces of paper if I have an idea, and sometimes it...